Self Cleaning Filters

self cleaning filters

Automated Self Cleaning Filters

Ideal for surface water, from lakes, rivers, sea water
or mains supply.
For the protection of heat exchangers &
sensitive process equipment.

Plastic (GRP) or stainless steel construction.

Filtration from 2 mm down to 100 microns.

Single unit gives continuous operation, using unique
hydrodynamic flushing principle.

Simple to install and operate.

Requires compressed air
and electric power supply.

Automated Self Cleaning Filters
backwash filters


Surface filtration element(s) collect
solid particles on the outside of the element.

Reversing fluid flow, controlled by valves,
allows the solids ( and some liquid ) to be

The filtration can then continue in the forward direction.

All stainless steel elements, with filtration ratings
as low as 0.5 microns.

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