Filter Vessels design and manufacture

Duplex filter Vessels

filter vessels designed and manufactured by PlastOk including

Bag filter Vessels

Single filter Vessels, duplex filter vessels with or without valves multiple basket vessels, with filter bags ranging from fine filter felts, nylon mesh strainer bags to perforated filter baskets, with or without woven wire mesh liners.

Single Filter Vessels

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters, as single element units, multiple element cartridge filters, duplexed with valves, if required.

Filter cartridge elements range from low cost wound yarn type, to high tech pleated cartridges, made in materials to resist a variety of corrosive chemicals and aggressive solvents.

Filter vessels lined with chemically resistant plastics, such as PP polypropylene, PVDF, FEP & PFA, with support components In the appropriate material, including PTFE.

Lined Chemical Vessels

Lined Cartridge Filters

Filter vessels can be supplied polished and crevice free, suitable for foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products Illustrated, multiple filter bag vessel, lined with FEP, Trolley mounted, polished to pharmaceutical standards.

Filter media

To fit all filter vessels can be supplied.

We will assist you in selecting the best type, considering the process fluids, and methods of operation in your particular application.

Portable filter vessels

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