Filter Bags

filter bags

Filter bags from PlastOk offer a complete and extensive range of filter bags suitable for use in all types of housings in the market place today. We offer filter bags made up in the following specs. to suit all industrial requirements. Stitched with ring or snap-band fully welded with plastic seal to eliminate bypass through stitch holes.

Media typeAcidsAlkalisSolventsOxidisingMax temp °C


PlastOk filter bags are made from needle felt and fabrics manufactured to guaranteed quality and consistency. The bags cab be sewn to any specific requirements. Thermowelded seams give greater dimensional regularity, a better seal and no stitch hole ’emissions’ (tubular only). PlastOk filter bags are used in high temperature filtration in excess of 200 degrees C., such as flue gas desulphurisation, and the treatment of gases form solid waste incineration. Filter bags can remove toxic gases and polluting elements. Filter bags can be made to fit any specific use you may require.

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