PlastOk supplies mesh, screen and structures for the Process industry

Screening, Mesh, filters and screens for the   Process Industry

PlastOk supplies product for the following Process Industry uses

Gas and liquid filtration, Aeration, Chromatography, utilising Separators, Sieving installations, Support meshes, Conidur, perforated plate, mesh, Filter bags, filter vessels , filter baskets, wedge wire aluminium screen, metal screens, synthetic screen, vermin mesh traps, Hook screens, clip screens, circular screens, tension bonded screens, rectangular screens, vibratory screens and dewatering screens

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The process industry has been supplied by us over for over 40 years. We supply filters for gas and liquid, aeration and chromatography. Some speciality filters are used in particle filtration. Filter is, filter discs, filter cylinders, and filter plates as replacements in 0EM equipment are extensively used and supplied to this industry. Precision made these filters improve the life of machinery whilst maintaining the integrity of the product.

Whether Aeration and the usage of Conidur, Filter Vessels, Drainage, baskets, mesh, or even specail special designs PlastOk is able to supply in time and on time.

We can create custom screens or vessels to order to your specification in our small runs department.