Metal Mesh and Steel Mesh, Woven Wire

Metal Meshes

Metal Mesh and Steel Mesh Woven wire

Supply metal mesh and steel mesh, woven wire in stainless or mild steel, cut from the roll, usually ex stock. Materials are usually stainless steel SS 304 and 316, but we can also supply copper, brass and more exotic metals, where the woven wire mesh is available. Wire mesh is usually woven in widths of 1.0, 1.22, 1.5 metres wide, approximately equivalent to 3 ft., 4 ft., 5 ft. Wide.

We can supply mesh panels (usually the larger apertures) made to the size you require.

Finer meshes can be cut to size, or supplied by the metre at the width desired.

Scissors will cut fine meshes, tin snips will cut larger meshes.

WARNING : the cut edges can be sharp, take care!

View our available mesh sizes here.

metal mesh


If you are unfamiliar with wire mesh, we can send a small sample of you to examine. If you need to carry out small scale trials with your product ( either fluids or powders) we can send you a larger piece. ( subject to availability ) We will advise on the best way of performing the tests, and of course, safely.

MeshMeshSintered meshes

Multi-layer sintered metal mesh

Several layers of woven mesh are sintered together to form a integrated porous filter medium. Coarse meshes support a drainage mesh overlaid by the accurately woven filtration mesh which is in turn protected from mechanical damage by a further layer. This is a ‘surface’ filtration medium. Particles are held on the outer layer, making cleaning by jetting or backflushing highly effective. This material has good mechanical strength, and can be cut, rolled, welded and machined. The sintering process bonds every wire to its neighbours, eliminating the problems of fibre migration in critical applications. The open structure gives considerably lower pressure drops than sintered metal powders. As well as the ‘standard’ range, special batches can be made with additional layers or in other alloys, such as Hastelloy®.

Mesh by the roll or metre

All the precision meshes are used in the sieving of many products. As a company we can sell materials as a roll or per metre. On the left hand side there is a list of the materials we stock. Please click on any or all of the names to get a detailed list of each type we stock.

If any type of material is not listed please don’t hesitate to contact us, which you can find us by using the Contact Us logo at the top of this page. I hope you can find the precision mesh and type you require.

Other meshes

Other meshes available on request.

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