PlastOk supplies mesh, screen and filters for the Glass and Ceramics Industries

Screening, Mesh and filters for the  Glass and Ceramics  

PlastOk supplies product for the following Glass and Ceramic uses

Separators, Sieving installations, Support meshes, Conidur, perforated plate, mesh, filter vessels, filter cartridges. aluminium screen, metal screens, synthetic screen, vermin mesh traps, Hook screens, clip screens, circular screens, tension bonded screens, rectangular screens, vibratory screens and dewatering screens

In the glass and ceramics industries, PlastOk’s meshes are widely used for sieving and screening where particle distribution and size reduction is important. Also our wide rage of both stainless and synthetic meshes are used for screen printing in :- decoration, litho printing, tile printing, ceramic printing,rotary printing, sieving equipment and in testing sieves when it is important to know the particle size through analysis. Vibratory sieves such as Sweco, Kason and Russel Finex Sieves for the recycling industry are often remeshed by PlastOk.

We can create custom screens or vessels to order to your specification in our small runs department.