PlastOk supplies mesh, screen and filters for the Food Industries

Food Industry - Screening, Mesh and filters for the  Food Industry

PlastOk supplies product for the following Food Industry use

Filtration, Aeration installations, Drainage, Sieving, Protection against contaminants, Fluidisation, Baskets are easliy handles using PlastOks range of products including :- filters, filter vessels, bag filters, cartridge filters, Conidur, basket filters, mesh, Sieves, inline filters, pipe filters,

The PlastOk range of filters for food and beverage industry can be used in Analytical systems, filtration, aeration installations, draining, sieving, and generally to protect against all contaminants. Our filters are ideal for fluidisation. Of course we can also offer similar filters such as baskets or filters for composting.

We can create custom screens or vessels to order to your specification in our small runs department.