PlastOk supplies mesh, screen and filters for the Electronics Industries

Screening, Mesh and filters for the  Electronics 

PlastOk supplies product for the following electronic uses

Separators, Sieving installations, Support meshes, Conidur, perforated plate, mesh, filter vessels, filter cartridges. aluminium screen, metal screens, synthetic screen, vermin mesh traps, Hook screens, clip screens, circular screens, tension bonded screens, rectangular screens, vibratory screens and dewatering screens

Cartridges for the electronics industry, specially designed to maintain the purity of the product. PlastOk also offers depth filters which are designed to maintain particles within the filter and not just on the surface of the filter. Each of these filters is designed to improve product integrity. Our filters are typically used with a sea PCB printing, solder resist printing and solder paste for SMT product sectors.

We can create custom screens or vessels to order to your specification in our small runs department.